What Is The Meaning Of Life & How To Get Closer To Achieving It

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Have you ever thought about the meaning of life? 

While thinking about it, it may feel like reaching the meaning in life is something impossible. How can we know for sure what are we supposed to do with our lives? Those are the thoughts that probably most of us had at some point in our lives. Meaning of life. Sometimes it feels like only living is hard enough and trying to find the meaning of it falls on the back seat. But that is something that always stays in our subconscious. What to do about it? 

The meaning of human existence isn't only established in the act of finding and confirming the objective state of meaning. Meaning is primarily in the desire to give to our life something worth living for. We don't want to waste our time on Earth. Although meaning is something personal and subjective, we still need the objective reality. The relationship between you-me is so important. On another hand, meaning in life can't be objectified because it needs to come from ourselves, we need to understand it and accomplish it. 

We as human beings have self-worth that needs to be nourished and kindly guided to the achievement which is possible if we put our selfish part to the side. Human self-realization has a lot of different forms. As it's the final destination it has the truth. There is a meaning in truth, in fulfilling our duties and obligations. There is a meaning in being right here and alive, to help others and care for them. 

Whenever we do good and aspire to achieve true values than we give meaning to our lives. Although we are limited in our nature, doing good has unconditional value. Discussion about the meaning of life can't be quickly answered. There are so many shapes and forms achieving everyday values. We are looking for the ultimate meaning that unites all the other meanings. 

It all depends on us. Are we going to only focus on temporary joy and neglect the fact that meaning of life isn't something we can just sit and wait to come to us? Temporary joy is just that, a momentary feeling that will go away. The joy that we can see once we reach the meaning of life is something that can't be described with words. 

We need to take steps towards it. Looking toward working on ourselves and growing as a person. Something that we should always have with us is hope. The hope and meaning of life are tightly connected. In all our efforts toward truth and good, achieving personal and social values, there is always an unconditional requirement of meaning. If we lose hope then we will fall behind. We need to hope that if we choose what is good, the path toward the meaning of life will get clearer. 

Broadly speaking there is meaning in each of our lives, the thing is that some of us can get closer to realizing that while others just can't or don't want to.



We are all passionate about something. Sometimes that passion can be exactly what can take us closer to understanding what is the meaning of our lives. The thing about passion is that it can be so strong that we just burn too fast. That is because we forget to take our common sense and reason with us. There should always be a balance between what the heart wants and what the mind thinks. Finding little meaning in life is definitely something that can make our life to be meaningful as a whole.


In today's society, it seems like hiding or disguising the truth is presented as something completely normal and what we should all do. We all heard how white lies won't hurt nobody but the problem is what we consider white lies. For some people, white lie could be something they could never go over. Big or small, lie will always come to the surface. So always choose to say the truth and stay truthful to yourself. Within the truth, everything is much clearer. Although we tend to lie to others, we do it to ourselves as well. We are deceiving ourselves because we know that the path to achieving the meaning of life is going to be a hard one so we just take detours as it is easier. Anything in life worth having is worth working for. 


Fear of failure is something that is keeping a lot of people from achieving what they truly want in life. From a young age, we are thought that making mistakes is wrong when we should have been thought that failures are a part of life and they are the opportunity to learn and grow. Just because you failed once doesn't mean that you need to quit. With every failure, you are one step closer to achieve what you want. If you learn from your mistakes you won't make them again. Sometimes we don't even try or work on something because we are afraid of failure. Fear of failure is exactly the sign that you need to do it as something amazing is waiting on the other end. 


It is easy to get lost while watching what other people are doing. Most of the time we choose to follow what others are doing as there is a path already set and all we need to do is follow it. The problem is that most of the time that isn't the path we should be on. You are your own unique person and you need to listen to what your heart and mind are telling you. Looking up to someone is great as it helps us to stay motivated but always choose what feels the truest to you. There is a thin line between looking up to someone and feeling jealous and discouraged. Don't be jealous of others as you don't know what kind of things they went through to get to where they are. Focus on yourself and the ways you can grow. 

We are all destined to accomplish the meaning of our lives. It is up to us how long or fast it will take us to realize what the meaning of our lives is and how to work towards it.

What is your thought on the meaning of life? 
Are you working toward achieving it? 

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