3 Things to Spring Clean From Your Life

Thursday, April 4, 2019

It has been official Spring for quite some time and as I can see from all of the flower photos on Instagram, a lot of people are happy about it. I definitely get it as we are all connected to nature and seeing it waking up in the most beautiful way, makes us want to wake up as well. I’m sure that you have been hearing people talking about Spring cleaning a lot and maybe you are one of them as well. 

Some are focusing only on home cleaning and some incorporate it in all aspects of their life. I’m kind of in the middle of these two and want to share with you just 3 things that I’m going to Spring clean this year from my life and hopefully you will do the same with me. 

Social media has quite a big influence in our lives. It is scientifically proven that we are spending average 2 hours and 22 minutes each day on social media. Throughout the year we follow different people on Instagram and accept friend requests on Facebook. You probably have a lot of Facebook “friends” that you maybe only met once in real life or you just aren’t in contact with anymore. Well, there is really no reason for you to have them in your friend list as those people aren’t really your friends. I know that some people have a hard time unfollowing or unfriending people from social media as they think that those who they unfollow will get offended. Truth be told they probably don’t even care. 

Accepting someone or following just because you think you need to is never a right reason. You should never surround yourself with people that you do not feel connected with and that are maybe even toxic. You have the right to choose whose feed you want and don’t want to see. Few weeks ago I personally unfollowed a lot of Instagram accounts whose feeds I just don’t find inspirational anymore and unfriended people on Facebook that I just don’t know well and whose statuses I don’t want to see on my wall. So just take your phone, open up any social media and start “cleaning”. 

Sometimes the cleaning can start being just putting things that you don’t want to be seen in different drawers around your home. This isn’t exactly cleaning, isn’t it? It’s more hiding. Well, now is the time to actually get rid of all the things you wanted to hide and make some space in those drawers. I know that it’s much easier to just push it inside and close it but at some point it’s just going to get too much. So to save you the trouble go through each drawer, pull everything out and start separating things into different categories. I think that having three main ones in enough; to keep, to throw and to give. 

It may be the easiest to first start with the throw category as we usually put random things that should immediately go to trash in the drawer. So grab a bag and throw any old recite, used batteries, pencils, etc. If you are quite sentimental, than try to ask yourself if you would be able to put that item somewhere where everyone can see it. Now is time for the harder part. If you don’t want anyone to see it then you just don’t need it. I know that some things can be important but not so pleasant to the eye and those things you should keep but pace them in a maybe more suitable place. 

This might be the hardest thing to clean as it’s not something you can just throw or use a cleaning product on. Although it is the hardest it is also the most important thing to do. We all keep inside memories and feelings that we should have let go of a long time ago. It’s just something that we as humans do. Most of us have a different way of dealing with them. Some confront them immediately and some just push them down and try not to think about them. If you are one of those who push them away and think that they are then gone, well you are wrong. They just wait in your subconscious and slowly get out without you even realizing. 

Take some time to really reflect and get in touch with your feelings. I always recommend just writing everything down or talking with a friend that you trust. If you choose to write it down try to dig deep. Write about the things you feel left a scare or wake up a negative feeling. Now, see if you gave them too much power over your life. Some things you just can’t control and you shouldn’t beat yourself up for that. This also goes with past relationships and people that you maybe still have in your life that are holding you back. You should never feel pressured to keep in your life toxic people. 

Have you had a Spring cleaning yet?
Do you clean each aspect of your life or just the materialistic one?  

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