When Everything around You Feels Great but You Don't

Monday, August 13, 2018

I really can’t put my finger on what’s gone wrong this last week. I’ve seen so many people off line and on line talking how they just don’t feel like themselves last few weeks. This whole thing feels like even bigger mystery as nothing bad around them happened and they haven’t had big changes in their lives. This weird feeling that floats over you is that I hate the most. Especially when I’ve been in such a positive and productive mood until something I guess changed in my head. So what to do about it you may ask yourself? Well this is what I’m currently doing. 

Maybe you realized that you don’t feel like yourself in a certain area of your life. For example if you enjoy reading but something keeps you away from the book don’t force it. Leave it for now and find other things that you can do that make you feel happy and content. I’ve personally had trouble with blogging so I decided that I don’t want to write something just for sake of it. I realized that being active and working out is something that helps me moving my body and mind so that I’m not constantly thinking that something feels wrong. It’s so easy to only focus on this miserable feeling and forget that there are still so many beautiful things you can do and feel at least a little bit better. 

Little by little I managed to slowly get rid of that strange and very annoying feeling. I know that some may think that when you don’t focus on a problem that you are ignoring it. But I disagree. I think that there are better and worse time to deal with a problem. You’ll get a fresh perspective when you distance yourself from it for a little bit. When you feel down it’s easy to think that everything in your life is bad or there is something wrong with it when in reality there is just one part that is making all of it look bad. 

Whenever I feel like something isn’t feeling right I try to not ignore it but also not over think it. It’s easy to focus so much on it and then fall deeper in this state. We are all different and getting out of this feeling can for some be easier while others can struggle. I know that women can sometimes blame PMS when their emotions change but that doesn’t needs to be the case all of the time. Something that really helps me is to read about other people’s experiences. You can get a new perspective but also realize that you are not alone. Most of the times reading blog posts and articles about mental health, self love and body confidence is what helps me get back to my usual self. 

Recently I read a beautiful post by Amy from Call Me Amy, On Not Getting Complacent that really opened my eyes. It’s so easy to look at just one angle of your emotions and feelings and totally overlook the other one. Another really amazing post by Rebecca from From Roses called So We All Felt Crappy This Week Huh? Is such a honest and relatable post. After reading it I felt so much better as I knew that I shouldn’t be hard on myself for feeling this way and that it’ll eventually go away. 

I know that it can get very frustrating when you feel low without a reason and that you want to get back to your usual self as fast as you can. What I hate the most about feeling low is that you never know when it will strike and how long you will feel like that. It’s so easy to make everything worse by forcing yourself to do the things you doesn’t feel like doing and faking your emotions. These kinds of things take time. It’s a great time to really get to know yourself better at the times when you don’t feel like yourself. 

Get in touch with your feelings in a healthy way. There could be a lot of reasons that you feel low and honestly social media can have a big impact on it as well. If you think that it could be the case try to disconnect for some time and it may give you some quality time with just yourself. It’s easy to think that this feeling will never go away and if you feel like it’s lasting for too long then ask for help. There is nothing wrong in that, actually it’s a sign that you really care about your thoughts and emotions. 

How have you been these couple of weeks? 
How do you get out of the bad mood? 

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