Moving/Packing Tips That'll Save Your Nerves

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Moving can be quite stressful. There are a lot of things you need to think about and it’s very time consuming. Even if you’re just going on a little road trip or you’re moving to your first apartment knowing few tricks can be very helpful. It should be a fun experience as moving to a new place really is.

You know those moments when you remember something you need to do and then you tell yourself that you’ll definitely remember it later as well and that you don’t need to write it down? Tell me honestly how many times did you actually remember that thing? Even if you did I’m sure that it was much much later. That’s why putting it on the paper or in your phone is a great idea. But the point it that you need to do it immediately. If you’re moving houses or just moving to the dorm room there is a lot of things you probably need and you don’t won’t to forget to pack. 

Moving and packing can get quite overwhelming. Sometimes we think that we need more than we actually do and we use packing space with unnecessary things. After you’ve filled your check list start packing. Think through every item that you decided to take with you and really see if you actually need it. Try to visualize it in your new home and decided if it’s really important for you to take it. Sometimes we tend to pack things that we eventually don’t even use or it’s just in our way. I did that when I moved to my dorm room. I took with me too much of the things that don’t have use and that were just taking my anyway small space. 

When you’re filling the checklist first write down the most important things you know you need. The key is to bring half of what you actually think you need. That’s way you’ll narrow the possibility to take something irrelevant. Now that you have all the important things you can take few bits and pieces that aren’t as important. 

With all the boxes, suitcases and bags of things it’s easy to get lost in all the stuff. Labeling is a life savior in these kinds of situations. It’s especially helpful when you’re unpacking. It’ll save you so much time, energy and nerves. You’ll know exactly where everything is and where it belongs. While you’re putting things in boxes try to organize them in different categories. Use ones that work best for you. Organizing hem by rooms or purposes may work the best. Write on the boxes or just use sticky notes. This will give you a clear view of how many stuff are you bringing with you and the opportunity to leave something behind or replace some things. 

You can even write how many items you got. For example on your clothing box write how many tops, jeans, jackets…you packed. Maybe it’ll help you to know if you’ll have enough space to put all those things when you move in. 

All of the things I mentioned work even if you’re just going on a vacation. Especially if you left packing for last minute and now you’re in a rush. Writing it down so that you don’t forget any important things and packing only the things you’ll actually need in your suitcase is very important.

Do you find moving to be stressful? 
Do you have any packing tips and tricks? 

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