Why I Love Yoga!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

It's no secret that I'm absolutely in love with Yoga. The fan fact is that I've never been to an actual Yoga class. You may wonder how could I then practice Yoga? Well with the help of an amazing thing called YouTube. I love to watch YouTube videos but usually I did it while laying on my bed or sitting in front of my computer. One day I found out about Yoga With Adriene YouTube channel by Adriene Mishler. 

I was intrigued how calm and mindful her movements  were. I just wanted to try it. After a first video I felt so relaxed but full with energy. It was like something I've never tried before. I find that in Yoga you can really do what suits your body. You can learn about it and make it better. But the most amazing part is that you are connected with your mind too. 

Adriene is such a beautiful and inspiring woman. She is always encourages to ˝Find what feels good˝. I like that you can practice with her videos if you're a total beginner or if you've been doing Yoga for a long time. She really takes care of everyone. I'm not in any kind a Yoga expert but I know that there are different kinds of Yoga so you can experiment. 

Last month she did a Yoga Camp. It's a 30 Days of Yoga series. She posted new video every day through January. I managed to do every single practice and I'm so proud and happy I did it. It was something I really needed. Of course there are a lot of her videos from Yoga for Anxiety and Stress, Yoga For Winter Blues to Morning Yoga

I know that there is a lot of amazing Yoga teacher and classes but I'm really enjoying this one. I love that I can do it in my bedroom and for no money at all. It really fills me with good energy and it's super beneficial for my body and soul. I'm going to do a separate post about benefits of Yoga very soon so be excited. 

Have you ever try Yoga? 
What do you think about it?