CATRICE Glamour Doll Mascara

Monday, February 29, 2016

I've been applying makeup for quit some time now and I realized that if I don't apply mascara it's like something is missing. I sometimes just put mascara and lipstick or lip balm and I'm ready to go. If you highlight your eyes that you don't need much makeup. 

This time I went for Catrice Glamour Doll Mascara. The first thing that drew  me to this mascara is its beautiful packaging. This shiny purple color is so vibrant and the shape looks very cool. It's pleasant to eye which I think is quit important. There is 10 ml of product. It lasts for 6 months as any other mascara. It's deep black mascara that is really easy to apply. It drys pretty fast which I like. It doesn't leave wet feel on the lashes. First time that I used it I noticed that there would be too mach mascara on the brush. But I just pull it in and out few times and it would get rid of extra product. 

I really like the brush of this mascara. It's slightly curved which gives nice volume. The fibers of the brush lightly cover the lashes and give a nice curl. As I don't use eyelash curler I think that it gives a nice volume and separates my lashes just like I want. It doesn't leave clumps and isn't sticky. It stays on lashes really long and doesn't irritate my eyes. My lashes are naturally little bit curled so this mascara complements them and give them extra volume. I don't know how would it work on straight lashes but I really think that it's a great mascara for daily bases and good quality for the money. 

Let me know what is your favorite mascara.