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Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Whenever I'm online I'm always looking for new ideas which can give a little freshness to my room. I think I've turned my room furniture a thousand times. I just get bored quickly, and I like the changes. I love that feeling when I do something new in my room, even if I move just a little something. Like I'm in a new room

Although it has long been know for Pinterest, I have only recently started to use it ... I do not know why I did not started earlier. I simply adore it. All day long I'm looking for a simple DIY...well, not all day, because it would not be the best thing to doSince spring days have come, it gave me even more incentive and desire to make some new changes in my room. And I found a few perfect DIY ideas that I'll definitely try.

I think this is so cool and unique. Since the initial of my name is A, it immediately caught my eye. And it does not look that hard to make. As you can see only what you need are colorful buttons, a picture frame and glueI like the this second idea with a letter. It is also very simple, but still will add a little variety in your room.

Butterflies. Beautiful animals and themselves remind us of spring .. at least to me. When I saw these butterflies on the wall, I immediately said that I would make them. Although there is a lot of butterflies to do, I think I will succeed. It is beautiful and fun wall art idea.

 Again butterflies, but in a different way. I think these are a bit more elegant. If they do I think I'll hang them on the lamp or above the bed. If you prefer elephants, no problem. I found the cool patterns elephants. And if you're not an animal type, then here are colorful, undulating circles ... I feel like a trader "And that's not all you can get".

These pattern containers are great for makeup brushes or flowers you can put a candle inside. Whatever you put in it , it will look fantastic.

Since we are closer to the Easter, perfect decoration is this Easter treeIt's colorful, and good idea is to put chocolate eggs on it, so when Easter is complete, you can eat eggs. :)

Do you have Pinterest?
What's your favorite DIY project?


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  1. I adore the mason jars and elephants! In September I will be moving and I too am looking for pretty Diys for my bedroom!