Motivational Monday Quote #13

Monday, March 17, 2014

It can be scary but it's true. I'm no longer a girl that I was when I was 5 or 10 year old. I don't look at world trough pink sunglasses. Now I can decide what is good or bad. I can tell my opinion and stand behind them.

Before I thought that if I don't think the same as my best friend or someone else it's wrong. If I don't agree with everything everyone says they wouldn't accept me or something like that. Now I know that my opinion is worth as everyone else's. And that even if we don't agree with these opinions we need to respect them.

Changes are scary when your feelings to someone is not the same any more. But they are component of are lives, and they can make as better person. We just need to accept them and live with them.

♥ ;)

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  1. it is part of growing up really. having to learn to navigate through different views and opinions.