Nail Polish collection ;)

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Hey guys! :D
Today I'll write about my "big" nail polish collection. I think that you don't now this about me, but I love nail polishes a lot. I think that they can complement any outfit.
Like all other makeup product, my nail polishes are also from Essence. I love ther nail polishes because they are very cheap and the quality is very good. ;)
They have beautiful colors, from neutral,dark to bright!

The first nail polish that I'll show you is this beautiful Essence color & go in "146 that's what I mint!". This nail polish is my apsolutly faveroite for this summer. This color become a trend this summer,and not just as nail polish, but as the color of clothes, shoes and even makeup. :)

The next nail polish is Essence  color & go in "110 modern romance!". This is beautiful, as the name says,  romantic pink color. This is my first nail polish from Essence new collection Essence color & go. This peach pink color immediately received me. I like wear it to school because I don't like to wear bright nail polish color to school.

Next nail polish is of course from Essence color & go and it's in shade "149 hello marshmallow!" . I love name of this polish. I don't now why, but it makes me happy (I now,I'm so weird :D). This soft purple color reminds me of spring, and spring is my fave time of year. :) That's another reason why I love it so much!

This is nail polish that I don't like so much. Is Essence color & go in  "150 upper green side!". For the record I haven't even bought it, my sister have. And she wears it, and I don't now why.I know that everyone has their own taste but.... I love all shades of green, but I don't like this at all. I just want to share this with you!! :)   

What you think about this color?

Next nail polish that I love :) is the Essence color & go in "132 break through". Purple is one of my fave colors. I apsolutly love it . Although I haven't wore it much this summer buut I'm going to wear it this fall. I think that this dark, but shiney color will refresh gloomy autumn! :)

This is most special nail polish that I have. It's Essence color & go "105 party princess". I think that the name speaks for itself. When I look at this nail polish I immediatly think about New Year. ;)

And the last nail polish that I didn't used, but I look forward to is Essence color & go " 109 off to miami!". It is a beautiful orange color. I think it would perfectly suit this fall. ;)

That's it from my collection. :) I hope you enjoyed it. 

What nail polish do you like most?? :)

                                                                         ♥ ;)



  1. Love the mint nail polish! Need one like that!

    visit my blog:

    1. Glad you like it ! The color is really beautiful !:) xx

  2. Gosh that is a lot of nail varnishes!! It must have taken you for ever to paint each colour on and picture them that well!! I do like the orange one best, very bright and pretty!! Would you like to follow eachother? Let me know xx

    1. Hehe I know!I photographed two days until it turned out well!Of course,I really like your blog. Following you! ;) xx

  3. These colors look really pretty. I have never heard of this brand before though.

    1. Thanks! These nail polishes are made in France! But if you want to know more about the brand, this is a link xx ;)