Back to School Haul!! :)

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Hello!! ;)

So next week I'm going back to school! I know that I say this every summer (and I now you say it too ;)) but this summer passed so fast. As yesterday I just went to vacation. Well I'm little dramatize. :D

What makes me happy about school? Of course tests and assignments...just kidding, I'm not that crazy :D. It's back to school shopping. You now what I mean, "running" in the store with parents (yes with parents). Searching for notebooks ,pens,bag and clothing. But the best part is when you come home and see all nice thing that you bought! ;-) :-D B-)

So let's get started! ;)

The first thing that I bought is a floral shirt from Manna. As soon as I came in the store I saw it, and I had to buy it.I really like it because it have half long sleeves so I can wear it right now before it is very cold, and under jacket when it gets cold. It is gray with pink flowers. It will give a breath of spring into autumn days. :)

I am not a person who wore colorful pants. But when I saw this dark green jeans in C&A I had to have them. They are very comfortable and stretchy. Perfect for long sitting at school desk and walking on the hallways under break. They do not have holes for the belt, but they are still very comfortable. I do not have to worry that they will fall off.

Next thing that I bought was this soft,comfortable,pretty purple sweater. I want sweater like this very long time. Now when I bought it I want to wear it all day! It's feel like i'm wearing a blanket. :-D This year I'm really in a loose sweater. I think they're perfect for lazy days, and with me all the days are lazy. So it is  just perfect. They can be combined with tights, skinny jeans and skirts.

I like to wear scarves. Although I do not have a lot of them, I think they can refresh every combination and give her a bit of liveliness. That's why I decided to buy a green scarf from Takko. It is very soft and has a cool detail. It is big enough that it can be worn in different ways.

And now the shoe. Although I was not planning to buy shoes, but I thought that I would need one when it is bad weather and rain, because my sneakers that have soaked. And then I saw this dark green leather sneakers in Deichman. They were perfect and at a discount.

I love t-shirts. They can be worn on any shirt. I'd rather wear them than jackets because they are comfortable. I bought this shirt in Takko. There were more in the lighter colors, but I have decided for this dark blue. I think it can be combined with different clothes.

The last thing I bought was this dark red wallet. I had to buy it because it has a little heart and dots. And before I had a desperate wallet. So this is perfect because it has multiple compartments so  all fit into it. And it's not too big, so it will easily fit in my school bag.

That would be all of my Back to School Haul. I hope you enjoyed it. 
I'm starting to go back to school 2.9.. I probably will not be able to write often. I'll try to write at least 2 times a week. I just wanted to inform you! xx

                                               When your school starts??

♥ ;)


  1. I love your blue and white striped sweater!!

    1. Great clothing haul! I'm your new follower please check mine out follow if you like