Best Affordable Concealer - Skinfood Salmon Dark Circle Concealer Cream

Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Dark circles are something that most of us have; some have very faint ones while others have ones that are very visible. When it comes to dark circles, the causes of dark circles under the eyes can be different. Whether it's lifestyle habits, genetic predispositions, aging, too much exposure to the sun, or health problems, the causes of dark circles depend on many things. I personally have pretty visible undereye circles. While they never bothered me that much, I did notice that as I'm getting older, they are getting darker and darker. After trying a few concealers that didn't do the job, I just gave up. Until recently...

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Today's post is about a makeup product I didn't know I would like that much until I tried it. It is Skinfood Salmon Dark Circle Concealer Cream. It's a Korean beauty brand. It's a very creamy corrector/concealer. It comes in only two shades, which is unfortunate, but I do believe that it can work if you use it under the foundation. I have a shade No. 1 salmon blooming. It says that it is a dark circle concealer cream with salmon caviar extract. It effectively conceals dark circles while promoting brighter, softer skin. It applies like a second skin and stays put without clumping, no matter how many layers you use. 

After I shared it on my Instagram, I got some comments about the smell of it, as it does contain salmon. I personally think that it has a very faint scent to it. The scent is not unpleasant, and you can't really smell it until you smell the product in the packaging. That means that when you apply it to your skin, you will not smell anything—or at least I don't. 

I apply this concealer using my fingers, as I find that because of the warmth, it applies better. You can, of course, apply it with a brush as well. Some might think that if you apply it with your finger, it may crease. I personally didn't experience that. Maybe it's because I'm slowly building it up and making sure that I blend it evenly. I noticed that it doesn't look cakey after layering it up. 

This Skinfood Salmon Dark Circle Concealer Cream feels very creamy. It does a great job when it comes to correcting dark circles. It immediately brightens the dark area. This concealer is super easy to blend because of its texture. I also like to use it to cover up any blemishes or pimple scars that I might have on the rest of my face. I like that it doesn't feel heavy. It is not making my undereye area feel dry or patchy. It is one of the best moisturizing concealers I've ever used. I would say it is medium coverage but can be full if you layering it more. As it is a cream product, it does set in the lines very lightly, but it doesn't make it too obvious. You can, of course, go over the top with foundation and powder to make it stay longer. 


I really recommend this Skinfood Salmon Dark Circle Concealer Cream. It does such a great job of covering dark circles and redness. It is around $7, which is such a great price for the quality of the product. If you need a concealer that will take care of the problem instantly, then this is it. 


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