What To Do When You Feel Lonely?

Saturday, February 19, 2022

Valentine's Day is behind us, and so are all the lovely-dovely signs. Celebrating love is amazing but sometimes it can be hard for those who just recently went through a break-up, or are searching for that significant other but just can't find luck in love. Well, February can feel quite lonely for those people and many others who maybe can't be with their loved ones because of the pandemic (Photo by medium photoclub from Pexels).


1. Avoid negative self-talk

Recognizing your negative habitual thoughts and putting an end to them is one of the first steps to dealing with loneliness. We have no idea how self-destructive we are or how much we limit ourselves because of a lack of self-confidence and mental stability. Allowing pessimism to overcome you in fearful situations is a mistake; instead, be encouraged and take risks while taking responsibility for your actions. Being alone and getting into your head will not help you at all.

2. Look at the actual situation.

When we're lonely, it's easy to lose sight of what's there in front of us. Is it true that everyone abandoned you? As we grow up we change and so do people around us. We can't always require people to be there whenever we feel lonely. That is not selfish of them as it would not be of you if you did the same thing. Sometimes we just need to stop for a second and think. Emotions can blind us from seeing the actual picture of why we are feeling lonely. It is easy to blame others when in fact we are the ones who have control in our hands.

3. Make the most of the current situation

When you're happy about something, tell others about it, but not on social media. Make a call to your pals or invite them over for coffee to share your happiness. Remember that the good things you can share with others don't have to be significant. Sharing such simple moments strengthens bonds with others and alleviates loneliness. Try to be that friend who is there for their friends when they are going through bad or good things as well. Expecting to be the only one who shares their news with their friends and doesn't take time to listen to others is why you are maybe feeling lonely or why your friends don't feel the need to contact you.

4. Become a member of a club or an organization.

Looking for organizations, clubs, workshops, or groups made up of individuals who share your interests is one approach to do what you love and not feel lonely at the same time. However, because of the epidemic, many clubs have a restricted number of members who can stay in the area; for starters, you can look for organizations on social media that share your interests. Invite someone over for coffee or a walk if you feel you've "clicked" with them. Because you already share one thing in common. This is a great way not to only feel less lonely but to also meet new people and learn new skills.

5. Make a schedule for your spare time

When we are lonely, we often desire to go away to a dark corner, hide, and vanish. But that isn't going to help us at all. Our never-ending to-do lists can sometimes fatigue us to the point where we go out and try to be social. If, on the other hand, you chose to spend every night alone with your phone, TV, or laptop, you will be truly alone. Choose hobbies that will keep you moving, physically strengthen you, and mentally connect you with others. Make social moments with the people that matter to you. If you have different friend groups make sure you check up with them through messaging apps and try and schedule a hang out at least once in two weeks. It doesn't need to be in person, you can have a zoom meeting as well.

6. Stop putting too much emphasis on yourself

We are progressively slipping into the traps of comparing ourselves to others in this chaotic modern world. We begin to believe that we lack sufficient resources and that everyone else has more. We also see some unrealistic and deceptive images of others on social media, and we are constantly seeking flaws and weaknesses rather than focusing on virtues and strengths. Shift your emphasis away from what you can obtain from others and toward what you can give them. Take your gaze away from yourself from time to time and lend a helping hand to others in need. You will be more conscious of yourself and your place in the social environment at that point.

7. Pay attention to the crucial things

If you don't know what's causing your loneliness, it'll be impossible to come up with a practical solution. As a result, it's a good idea to concentrate on the present moment and try to pinpoint the source of your loneliness. What does it take for you to feel lonely? What experiences have you had that have contributed to this? How can we improve our social connections and reduce loneliness? Recognizing whether you feel good or unpleasant is crucial to fixing many difficulties; this way, you may reduce your participation in activities that make you feel lonely while increasing your participation in activities that make you feel joyful and connected.

Feeling lonely is something most of us felt in the past and will feel in the present. Feelings are there to tell us what we need to work on. Just know that the first person you need to love is YOU. But also be aware that there is at least one person who loves you and wants to hand out with you.

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