4 Ways To Balance Personal & Professional Life Successfully

Monday, May 31, 2021

Managing a work & life balance isn't as easy as it seems as I'm sure you are all aware of. When you work from home or a 9/5 job and you want to spend quality time with yourself, your friends, and your family, the balance is key. Life can get busy and stressful in no time. That stress can impact both our mental and physical health. 

So how to find that well-needed work and life balance?

I personally struggled with this for the longest time. I honestly still sometimes do but that is okay. If you are like me and have quite a hard time juggling both work/uni and personal life then these 4 tips might be helpful. They are simple but can drastically change your relationship with your professional and personal time. 



"If you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life" is a quote most of us wish could be a reality. I believe that it is one of the foundations for better work and life balance. This applies to both personal and professional aspects of our lives. If you despise your job and each morning just dreads going to the office or if you use your job as a shield not to deal with personal problems, then you can't live a happy life. 

Stop waiting to be happy, take control of your life. Actively try to find positive in everything you do, if there isn't any then that's the sign to take the next step. Where is the point in doing something that doesn't ring you joy? Stop making excuses and find new opportunities.


Before you start to schedule your life take a close look at your daily and weekly tasks. Notice which is the things you spend the most time on and how important they are. Some of you may rank family time more or holidays but you likely recognize that work is significant as well. Now that you have a list of your personal and professional priorities clean them up a little bit. 

See if there is any activity that you can completely remove from your schedule and make more time for something more important. Plan out a holiday or block off some time to relax. No matter how you choose to rest, schedule the time for it. This is especially important for workaholics as they usually have problems with prioritizing unwind time.


Those who have 9/5 jobs might have an easier time separating work time from personal time. It is much harder for freelancers and anyone who works from home or has their business. When your work efficiency decides how much you will earn one workday can easily turn into a 12 hours long one. Even if you do need to work more make sure that each day you have a specific time when you start working and when you stop. 

For example, after 7 pm-close your laptop and get off work. To make this transition easier have a separate place where you work and where you relax. If you don't have an office in your home then make your kitchen table your work area. I don't recommend working on your bed or sofa.


Be it at work or in personal settings, being present and mindful is the key to success. Being mindful takes practice. Begin with establishing small moments of presence during your day. While you are working focus on the tasks you have to get done. Most of the time, we don't feel very happy at work, leading us to not do our work efficiently. We forget that if we don't focus on things we need to do and leave them for later, they will still wait for us.

It is the same with personal time. When you hang out with your family and friends, try your best to focus on that time. Take your time with this task instead of rushing through it as you might normally do. Make each decision slow and deliberate and pay attention to any change in your body.

Are you good at balancing work and life? 
Do you have any tips? 

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