3 Blogs That Will Help You On Your Personal Development Journey

Monday, April 5, 2021

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Is it just me or is this year passing by way too quickly? With each month I am confused as to where did the time go. Leaving that aside I hope that you had a lovely Easter holiday. Hopefully, you spent it with the ones you love. I took this free time to find more blogs to read and support my fellow bloggers. 

Today I'm pleased that I can share blogs that I truly believe can help so many of you in these challenging times. These are the blogs that I genuinely love to read as all three of them are so different yet bring me so much joy. 



This blog is made for somebody who wants to be a member of a homemaking community, and honestly, you won't regret becoming one. Lynn created this blog to share and connect with others who are obsessed with living a peaceful and comfortable life! What you’ll find on her blog are articles that talk about anything DIY. Her DIYs will make your life so much easier. She also shares delicious recipes that will save you time and energy.

Those who are into interior design will surely find home decor inspiration, the newest trends, and convenient hack. You can also find posts about everyday life, Lynn sharing relationship advice, and gift ideas for all holidays. What I love about Lynn Mumbing Mejia the most is that she is focused on creating the life she wants to live and she is working hard to get there.


That Mama Club is a website that provides valuable information for Mama’s and Mama’s to be. It is a safe place where they can come together and connect. Their focus is to help moms on their journey. I love that their goal is to look after and care for moms in the most nourishing way. That Mama Club is one of the most well-informed and helpful motherhood-related websites I've ever seen. 

They cover various topics ad motherhood fashion, beauty, culture and so much more. While reading their articles you can see the pure positivity and the will to help everyone who reads. I personally believe that even if you are not a mother yourself, there is so much you can learn. 


Morag is a lifestyle, health, politics, and travel blogger. She's been blogging since 2018. Her blog Life Of Morag will inspire you to take a somewhat different approach to life. With her honest and warm blog posts, you will feel understood.  Her way of writing and storytelling gives you comfort and makes you want to read more. She is a true definition of a versatile blogger. 

What I love the most about her blog is the fact that you can find different topics and points of view. From finding small joys in lockdown, year in books to independent artists you need to check out. I really recommend checking out Life Of Morag. You will definitely feel inspired and learn a lot of valuable information. 

Have you read any of these blogs? 
Which are you going to check out? 

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