March Resolution!

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Hello March! Is it just me or this year is passing by faster than the last one? I'm so excited and to be honest a little biz scared for the March. I have so many interesting things planned but also so much college work I need to do. This months resolution is very important to me. 

Worry Less 

For an over thinker and  an always analyzer not to worry can be quite hard. Being nervous about every little thing can really make me stay in my comfort zone and not expand my horizont's. That is definitely something I don't want to do. I want to challenge myself and try new things. Stop thinking of what could go wrong and focus on amazing things that could happen just a step outside my comfort zone. I'm glad that I already started my journey to more happy and stress free life. I started taking recreational boxing classes and this weekend I'm going on a hike with some friends. I want to take baby steps until I feel more confident to challenge myself to try all the things that I wanted to but always felt afraid of doing.