Spring Walk

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

With the first rays of sun everything started to bloom. Flowers showed their beautiful colors and treetops blossom as the sign of awakening. I guess that sun effect me that way too. I'm immediately in better mood and I feel so much happier. You can really see the change in the nature as the every  season come and go when you live in the countryside. 

I like to go for a walk in every season of the year but there is nothing like the one in the Spring. My favorite time to go for a walk is in the morning or in the afternoon. Reason behind this is the sun. I love the color of it in the morning. When it's all orange and the sky around it is pink. It looks so beautiful and calming. Air is so fresh and I like that it's little bit chilly. I like the sound of the tweeting birds and crowing rooster.

But then in the afternoon is different story. Sky is baby blue with a thick clouds flouting around. I love to listen the the buzzing of bees. I absolutely love to walk by myself. I like to take that as a me time when I can sort of my thought and just relax. But most of the time my two fabulously  dogs keep me company. Well sometimes my cats join us too. Although my schedule can get pretty busy I always try to fine time for a walk. Even if it lasts just a half an hour.