Simple Little Things

Sunday, September 28, 2014

It's another beautiful sunny Sunday. This week was pretty busy. But there was so many things that made me happy. So I wanted to write about them.

 I can't imagine my life without sweets. I'm addicted to chocolate and everything that contains this tasty ingredient. I need to eat something sweet every day or I'm going to be me you don't want to see me grumpy. And as yesterday was my sisters birthday we ate delicious Black Forest cake and cakes that my mother baked. It was heavenly.

 Yesterday I was helping my friend  to harvest grape. It was beautiful sunny day in vineyard. Of all the farm work picking grapes is my favorite. We laughed and talk while working. And the smell of ripe grape is amazing. I think the best of all was the view. It felt like I'm looking to a picture. It is incredible that such beauty exists.

 I realized that I can't do anything without listening songs.  I'm always having headphones in my ears. Even when I'm not listening song I always have one that I'm constantly singing in my head. I think that whatever I'm doing it's hundred times better.

 I'm so happy to have friends like one that I have. They are just the best. This week we was extra happy and joyful. And taking craziest selfies ever. With them I feel completely myself. It's so much easier going to school when I know that I'm going to hang out with them.