Back To School Outfit Ideas

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Patterned dress {H&M } || Alfredo Ankle Boot {Miss Selfridge} || Zippered Faux Leather Backpack {FOREVER21} || Stud Waist Belt {FOREVER21} ||Tights {H&M}

I would describe this outfit as girly, boho but grunge. This micro floral prints in dark red and green color is so pretty. To give more comfort I would wear black tights underneath dress. It look even more beautiful if you pair them with this cool ankle boot which is very popular this season. I think that every girl has at least one pair of these boots in their closet or wants pair...they are definitely on my wish list. If you are  going back to school you shouldn't forget school bag...duh.  I love this bag so much. It gives little bit of edge to this outfit. It's black and leather so you can pair it with any outfit and it'll be strong enough to carry all your school supplies's. 

Zip-Front Trousers {FOREVER21} || Rib-knit top{H&M} || Plimsolls {asos} || Classic Backpack {asos

This outfit is more casual and sport one. Definitely one that I'll be wearing a lot. Sometimes I just don't want to wear skinny jeans. Because lets be honest sometimes they are not most comfy thing to wear to school. In these moments loose trousers are best choice. They are so comfy and cute. But nothing is more comfortable that a knit top. They are so soft. You can buy them in any size and color. I think that the gray  mixed with  a wide range of blue - from indigo to navy - form the basis of this extremely attractive outfit. This time we have floral print on this unbelievably pretty plimsolls...what can I say, I love flowers. And of course bag. This one is classical green backpack. 

Cotton blouse {H&M} || Monochrome Textured Shorts {Miss Selfridge} ||Backpack in Owl Print {asos} || Black Slipper Shoes {River Island

And last outfit is more dressed up and elegant. Once in a while everybody like to dress up a little bit. As I'm not going out school is best occasion for that. However I like to keep it simple. In this outfit I paired nice white blouse with monochrome textured shorts. I really like these kind of blouses. They can be dressed up but down too. This one have white pearly buttons and long sleeves that can be fastened up with a tab and a button. I think that it look very nice with this shorts.  For the shoes we have these black slipper that have bow in front. They look super cute. I think that this outfit would be great for work too, but instead of this owl backpack I would put black purse. But for me this backpack is best piece in this outfit. It is sooo pretty. I want backpack like this so much. 

So that would be it from my back to school outfit ideas. School is starting really soon and I thought that it would be fun to do post like this.  Hope you liked it and that it give you a little bit inspiration for your outfits. 

Which outfit do you like best?  


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