Heart Bookmarks!!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Today I'll show you how to make cute heart bookmarks. I absolutely love reading and books, and I was very happy when I found this easy DIY...of course on Pinteres.  I think it makes coming back to reading little sweater. 

So let's get started!! 

 You'll need colored paper and scissors. 

I took and edited this photo by myself. :)

I cut my paper 10 cm wide and long. 
 First fold paper on half. Crease it.
 Then fold it on half again and crease it.
♥ Open it up.

Fold bottom part to the middle crease line.
Now turn it over to side B and fold up triangular edges.
Turn it over to side A.
Bring point C to the top.
Turn it over on side B.
Make opening with your finger. 
Flatten it to form triangle. Do it again on right side.
Fold a triangle from the edge of both side.
Now fold a tiny  triangle from each peak. 
Turn it over and cut the doted lines or you can just fold it behind.

And that is it. You have cute and simple bookmark. It's great idea for birthday gifts and you can even create a flower grouping 4 hearts together. ;) 

     Hope you like it and that you'll try to do it by yourself!! xo


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  1. These are so cute!! I definitely need to try this out! Xx