Summer outfits ;)

Monday, July 15, 2013

Summer is my favorite time of the year after spring. Not only because there is no school and I have more time to dedicate to me and my hobbies, but also because it gives me more freedom to "play" with clothing. In this article I'll show you a few outfits, specifically 3, which I usually dress this summer.


First outfit.

Wide pink shirt with a cool sign that I bought in Takko I combined with short green pants that I also bought in Takko. I was very surprised when I saw how comfortable and stretchy pants were. As fashion accessories I put a black leather bracelet with studs and black earrings.:)

Second outfit.

Here I wore a light blue denim dress with ruffles on the front. I'm not of those girls who love wearing dresses, because I usually don´t feel the most comfortable in them  , but this dress is veeeery comfortable and I love to wear it.  I combined it with Stark from Planet shoes, and as a fashion accessory I combined a black bracelet with studs .

Third outfit.

In the third outfit I wear a T-shirt short sleeves that I just love because it has a cool label, and the bicolour. On the front is white, and the back of the shirt is green. I combined it with black capri pants and gray ballet. And as a fashion accessory I put a green bracelet and necklace with owl.

I hope that you liked the outfit and that you were inspired. What are you wearing this summer?

P.S Sorry for the bad photos, I'm still learning, but I will try that next time photos are better!!!
                                                             ♥ ;)