Summer shopping!!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Over the past few months (which I count in the summer), I bought a fair amount of stuff! As for lack of time and these unbearable heat not had a chance to visit the clothing store where I normally buy, like a real shopingholic I got by with what I currently have on hand. I'll probably buy a scooter things by the end of summer, but basically my summer 'shopping' is completed and now I can finally show you what all I bought.

Not to long over, let's start with the post.

Takko is a store where I buy most of my clothes, especially since it opened in my town.
The first thing that caught my attention was this neon green T shirt with the inscription kaboom. The inscription was immediately captivated me. The price was about 10 $.

Another thing I bought in Takko this colorful, floral tunic. I love the floral motifs and tunics. For a long time I looking for this piece of clothing that when I finally found it I was thrilled. It cost about  8 $

These smoky pants I also bought in Takk. I love the smoky pants because they are perfect for summer, pleasant and airy. I paid them  13$

I am delighted with the black dotted shirt I found in a small boutique because it is perfect for summer nights out, and with it I bought this and a long brown shirt with a print of an Indian. Both two are cost 6$

In C & A I bought this denim dress. I paid 13$

In ZARA store I do not really finding things for myself but with this T shirt I was delighted I had to buy it. Rabbit on the back was so sweet to me. It cost 21$

 This brown skirt I bought in Mana. I like the material because it is light and airy, I paid him $ 6

And last , shoes!
I buy my shoes in  Deichmann! There is always great offers and good quality.

The first thing I bought there were these high sneakers. They are comfortable to wear and I love them!

They have cost $ 24

These black sandals I wear almost every time I go out. They are classic but feminine, because that I adore them! I paid them $ 16

And the cherry on top this for me, these sweet ballet in warm colors. Otherwise I'm not the type of person who buys things in bright colors but I still decided to buy them. And get out of my zone. I paid them 15$.

And that's about it from my shopping for this time. I hope I will find in the following shopping a lot of nice things, which I will show you if you want! Thank you!


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